Ark: Survival Evolved

The DaGodz invite only Ark : Survival Evolved world is a Player vs Environment (PvE) standard setting where we take on the challenge of conquering the island. There will no doubt be many mishaps, deaths and eventually a lot of dinosaurs we become fond of.


6 Aug 2016

Tweaking the system to fit better with the group’s play time / style
  • Structures Plus mod added
  • Egg hatch speed increased to 25x
  • Baby mature speed increased to 25x
  • Imprinting interval reduced to 10%

23 Jun 2016

Removing the grind, restoring the fun
  • Experience gain increased to 5x from 2x
  • Harvesting amount increase to 5x
  • Harvesting health increased to 5x from 2x

1 Jun 2016

Dinosaur levels still weren’t high enough
  • Difficulty modifier adjusted so that up to level 120 beasts can spawn

30 Apr 2016

It was noticed that most dinosaurs spawning weren’t particularly high level.
  • Difficulty modifier adjusted so that up to level 90 beasts can spawn instead of default 60

7 Apr 2016

Taming is tiresome when it is very long duration. Plus we’ve tamed a small zoo’s worth of Dinos so not a huge challenge anymore.
  • Taming speed multiplier set to 4x

30 Mar 2016

Tweaking the settings
  • PVE building decay disabled
  • Flyers able to carry players and other dinos
  • Disabled download/upload of characters and dinos

24 Mar 2016

Some simple updates
  • Harvest health updated to 2x (same speed, twice as much per object/dino)
  • Experience gain 2x (effects players, tribe and dinos)
  • Taming speed 2x
  • Global text chat enabled
  • Global voice chat disabled

Server admins

Below list are our admins who will help if something is bugged out or broken. Don’t expect stuff to just be spawned in for you though.

  • Ragnar
  • Piddles
  • Noobesh

If none of us are around then please┬átake screenshots / video and let us know when we’re back on.

Oh no … I pressed E whilst on my bird and didn’t have a parachute.

Server admin

Is that … thats a T-Rex! We need to tame that guy!


The DaGodz server can be found easily with the in game search. Just follow these steps

  1. Click “Join Ark” as normal
  2. Select “Unofficial” from the server drop down list
  3. Tick the “Show Password Protected” option
  4. Filter for “DaGodz Survival”
  5. Hit the “Join” button and enter the server password

If this doesn’t work then you may need to add the server to your Servers list in Steam

  • Port 7778

Server rules

The full list

No griefing

This means no building in the way of other players, or in such a way that you prevent people from getting to key resources. Similarly using dinos to block caves or narrow pathways will not be tolerated.

No camping resources

As the resources are very scarce and valuable hoarding resources is not in the spirit of everyone having fun. By all means trade with others if you have spares, but don’t just go out and stop others from getting what they need to progress.

No verbal abuse

Any form of hate speech or bullying etc is not acceptable. At admin discretion players will either be punished or banned depending on the transgression after a clear warning.

General ethos

We all want to have fun, its as simple as that.

So in keep that spirit in mind when you are playing. Obviously we expect a bit of ribbing and tom foolery from time to time, but lets not go to far!